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PRINCIPLE: The veins are the primary source of blood for laboratory testing. The phlebotomy procedure must be performed to preserve venous integrity.

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Phlebotomy – is taken from the greek word "Phleb" means referring a vessel" and "tomy" means to make an incision) The procedure is known as a venipuncture which is the process of performing an incision or making a cut or wound using a sharp object.

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Is 99195 the correct CPT code to charge for procedure "Therapeutic Phlebotomy" performed in an outpatient hospital setting? Answer. You are correct. 99195 should be reported for a therapeutic phlebotomy performed in the outpatient setting.

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Exercise 1: Standard Precautions and Isolation Techniques: Exercise 2: Venipuncture Using the Vacuum Blood Collection System

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The most comprehensive educational resource on the planet about phlebotomy for healthcare professionals who perform, teach, and supervise blood collection procedures and the patients they serve.

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Phlebotomy Definition. Phlebotomy is the act of drawing or removing blood from the circulatory system through a cut (incision) or puncture in order to obtain a sample for analysis and diagnosis.

Venipuncture: Procedures For Drawing Blood
What is Venipuncture? While venipuncture can refer to a variety of procedures, including the insertion of IV tubes into a vein for the direct application of medicine to the blood stream, in phlebotomy venipuncture refers primarily to using a needle to create a blood evacuation point.

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This is the basic, and most often performed, type of venipuncture procedure. It is also referred to as the Evacuated Phlebotomy Method. Using a system known as needle and sheath, the phlebotomist is able to fill several tubes from a single venipuncture.

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Introducing the practices and procedures of phlebotomy, Procedures in Phlebotomy, 4th Edition provides easy-to-read guidelines for both basic and special phlebotomy techniques.

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Identify critical steps in phlebotomy procedure as a basis for making recommendations ; … Procedure for Arterial Blood Sampling Using Radial Artery. For sampling from the radial artery using a needle and syringe, follow the steps outlined below.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy Procedure
Therapeutic phlebotomy involves removing blood from the body for medical purposes. This controlled removal of a large volume of blood is usually done in order to reduce red cell mass, iron storage or blood volume.

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In general terms, venipuncture is the process gaining access to a vein in a patient for the purpose of either drawing blood or performing intervenous therapy.

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