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Phlebotomy Diploma – curriculum
For Information: 414-297-6263 Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 414-297-MATC. Overview — This one-semester program emphasizes the skills, theory and practical applications of phlebotomy to prepare for employment.

Curriculum – Gadsden State Community College
Gadsden State Community College Phlebotomy Training Program . General Information. The phlebotomy training program consists of one course, CLT 100: Phlebotomy, which is a 2 credit hour course.

Phlebotomy Training And Certification Guide
Looking for a career in Phlebotomy? Find out all you need to know about Phlebotomy Training, Phlebotomy Certification, and more in one place here!

Phlebotomy Curriculum – Seattle Colleges
Learning Outcomes. By the end of the course of study in the Phlebotomy program students should be able to: Possess the necessary clinical skills to perform venous blood collection and micro-collection as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy-Internal Certificate Curriculum
Summer 2015 Curriculum. The following list is not the official course list for this program. It is intended to give students an idea of what coursework will be required.

Curriculum – Certificate In Phlebotomy And Laboratory …
You will be well-trained in all aspects of specimen collection and handling. To complete the certification in phlebotomy at Goodwin College, you will learn: practical and theoretical skills, specimen processing, laboratory procedures, quality control testing.

Phlebotomist Education & Certification Requirements
At the bachelor's degree level, a phlebotomist is preparing for a supervisory role in the phlebotomy field, … Phlebotomy Curriculum. Regardless of how far you decide to take your medical career, it all begins with the same basic curriculum.

Phlebotomy Degree Plan : Phlebotomy Technician : Bismarck …
PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN DEGREE PLANS The following links provide a guide for a degree in this area of study. Phlebotomy Technician Program Certificate – 2015-16

Phlebotomy Certification Guide: Phlebotomy Courses
Phlebotomy Curriculum. Curriculum’s for phlebotomy courses often include instruction on proper venipuncture techniques for both adults and babies, and other sample collection methods. Courses may also touch on proper bedside mannerisms and patient handling as well.

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